Buying Raspberry Ketones Canada

Raspberry ketones plus in CanadaYou can now get Raspberry Ketone Plus in Canada and get 50% OFF for Canadians and we will show you how.

In addition there are a few things you need to know about this new weight loss supplement that most consumers don’t realize and well help you understand the difference between a real ketone supplement and the many fake ones out there.

Since the Dr Oz diet show where he endorsed raspberry ketones they have become one of the most popular weight loss treatment that you can do right at home.

About Raspberry Ketones Canada

Let’s look at what the raspberry ketones do and how they help you lose weight. So you can start by looking at this weight loss supplement as a turbo-charger for your body’s energy levels. It will accelerate weight loss by preventing the absorption of fat while increasing your metabolism which burns existing fat cells. This makes this one of best fat loss supplements on the market.

You can lose weight with regular diet/exercise also but what’s making this supplement so popular is that it will safely accelerate the process.

Fact is raspberry ketone isn’t going to magically transform your body into losing 30 or 40 pounds in a week and website with such claims should be avoided. However, if you exercise regularly, raspberry ketones will make it easier to lose weight and keep it off.

Raspberry ketones Canada has already helped thousands of Canadians to lose wieght and we here from our customer regularly telling us how our formula has helped them. You can be the next success story. We believe in our raspberry ketone supplement, and you will too after you try it.

A Quick Raspberry Ketone Review

5 Main Ketone Benefits

There are many unique health benefits provided by real Ketones taken from raspberries and we have listed the 5 main benefits for you and how they work.

Weight LossClinical studies were conducted on mice that show significant reduction in belly fat in those that were given ketone dosages daily. Weight loss is the primary benefit of raspberry ketones when taken daily. Most consumers see noticeably results in within a week or two, depending on their diet, current weight and exercise levels. Feedback for people who have taken ketones have reported weight loss of up to 10lbs, 20lbs and sometimes even 30lbs+ within the first 3 months.

Lowers Bad CholesterolIn human trial clinical studies, researchers tested the cholesterol ratings and found that ketones lowers high LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels while on the flip side increased HDL levels (Good cholesterol).  High levels of HDL have been shown to protect against heart attacks. Low levels of HDL (less than 40 mg/dL) also increase the risk of heart disease.

Removes Free RadicalsRed raspberries and it’s ketones are very well known as an excellent source of antioxidants just on their own. Raspberry ketone contains some of the most powerful antioxidants, which will remove dangerous free radicals from the body. Free radicals slow our bodies digestion processes and damage our skin, so it is vital to remove them through cleansing.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Clinical studies conducted in the US have proven that taking a raspberry ketone supplement can help lower blood pressure naturally. These studies show that after about a month, users had dropped their blood pressure levels by around 15%. All of the patients were borderline hypertensive before the study and were considered to be healthy at the end of the study.

Increased Brain FunctionNewer studies now show that the use of raspberry ketone can help improve primary brain functions, including memory. Some of our raspberry ketone customers have told us that our supplement has increased their focus, concentration and memory retention.

Buying Real Raspberry Ketones in Canada

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone in Canada

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone in Canada

Not all supplements are created equal and here is how you can tell the good ones from the bad raspberry ketone supplements.

Here are a few ways you can sort out good supplements from poor quality supplements for your safety.

  • Free Shipping Offers – Looks like a great deal but fact is retailers can ship for FREE because it’s a lower quality supplement. Typically low quality means a synthetic ketone produced in a lab which cost a lot less to make.
  • High Dosage of Raspberry Ketone – This is a good way to find poor quality supplements. If you see offers for 200- 600mg of ketones per pill stay way. Again they very well could be this high of a dosage but it’s probably not pure. If it really is then the true cost of the product would be around $60 – $120 a bottle. In this case the more it cost the better chance you have of getting a real Ketone supplement.

Here’s what you can do to prevent buying low quality fat loss supplements. Looking for an ingredient label won’t always help because it’s legal to put a synthetic ketone on the label even though it’s not pure or natural so you can go by price as a starting point. If it’s under $35 it’s probably best to stay away.

The best places to buy Raspberry Ketone Supplements in Canada is from a trusted source with real and natural ingredients like Raspberry Ketone Max.

Proper Ketone Dosage

  • Morning – Take 1 100mg supplement
  • Noon – Take 1 100mg Supplement

If you seen the Dr. Oz Episode were he was endorsing Raspberry Ketones he and his guest suggest taking 2, 100mg supplements a day. Once in the morning to give you a natural boost to start the day and once around noon time to get you through the afternoon. Do not take this supplement in the evening because it may keep you awake through the night. Your metabolism will slow in the evening naturally and you do not want to disrupt this process as the body prepares for Fasting thought the night.

To take more then this recommend raspberry ketone dosage can be a waste of money. The body simply cannot process more than this as it will discard the rest as waste meaning you’ll be wasting your money.

Are There Ketone Side Effects

If you are not allergic to raspberries then you will not experience any side effects at all.

Raspberry Keytones in Canada


Watch for our FREE bottles of our raspberry ketone supplements as we put certain brands on sales throughout the yer.  Here’s the deal Canadians can get right now…Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus for just $34 CAD Save 50%.



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  1. Weight Loss says:

    I bought this very same supplement for my husband about 3 months ago from ( and he has lost 13 pounds. It’s very noticeable, I can see his chest muscles again…lol. It’s the Raspberry Ketone Max just like you have here. We live in Toronto, Ontario and it was nice to not have to pay the tax here in Canada. I will be buying more through you guys here. Thanks for the information about the Raspberry Ketone scams too!

  2. Janet Jennsen says:

    This supplement (Raspberry Ketone Max) has worked great for me and my husband! You certainly do NOT want to take it later in the day because it was very hard for me to sleep. I do not take any after 12pm. The energy I have is amazing it boost my metabolism and I have seen weight loss. Great stuuf! I will be getting mine here from now on.

  3. candy says:

    hello i ordered the supplement but it added the free trial of face cream and i do not want this. i was wondering if anyone has the email so i can cancel it because i do not wanna pay for it.

    • Where did you order the product from? Which website? Because I know you didn’t order it through me? We offer FREE bottles of Raspberry Ketones not Face cream.

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