Raspberry Ketones Reviews

My Raspberry Ketones Reviews

My Raspberry Ketone Reviews

First I will share my personal raspberry ketones reviews to show you the different products and systems I have tried myself and I’ll tell you I learned a lot about good and bad supplements.

I am 46 yrs old and have found that my metabolism has slowed down to a point where I sleep all the time and I have a spare tire. Now I have belly and a half.

Like most people, I seen the Dr Oz show where he introduced millions of people to this miracle weight loss supplement BUT what most people didn’t realize is that retailers would import low quality Ketone supplements from China by the billions….I found this out the hard way.

My Raspberry Ketones Reviews

I went online and bought 3 bottles of supplements at a deal and it came with FREE shipping in Canada too! OOOhhh AAAhhh! sounded good but was it really?

I cannot tell you the product name but for your protection I would stay away from low priced products and FREE shipping offers….I explain this in more detail later on.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Testimonial

Raspberry Ketone Plus Testimonial

Raspberry Ketone Scams

As a shopper you will be looking for discount prices on Raspberry Ketone Supplements just like me but here’s what’s out there to suck you in.

Many retailers buy supplements at wholesale and resell them to us. So where are the wholesalers and where to they get the ingredients? Here’s what I found out.

There are literally hundreds of so called distributors in third world countries supplying wholesalers in the USA with VERY shady supplements. Now it can be ingredients or discount supplements sold in bulk.

To import weight loss supplements into Canada is not that easy because certain ingredients are restricted or require certain licenses so it not that easy. What is easy to import is useless ingredients with no restrictions which end up being fillers in your ketone supplements.

Once these ingredients are imported into the USA the manufacturers combine them with synthetic (Lad created) ketones and sell them at wholesale or the whole process is done overseas and wholesalers purchase them here in North America. Again they can import them because they really are not filled with any real weight loss ingredients.

Now the scam is these wholesalers label the packages or bottles as being manufactured in the USA and they sell them to online retailers that have their websites come up in the search engines offering FREE shipping our bottles at ridiculously low prices. We consumers don’t know any different because were motivated to lose weight and get the best deal possible so we want to buy at the lower price or special deal.

Fact is a real Raspberry Ketone supplement cost around $20 to make not counting processing and packaging fees and will sell for about $49 online. If you see lower priced deals I would be very suspicious. Synthetic supplements or ones with fillers cost around $2 – $8 to make and will sell for $12 – $18 a bottle online.

I found this out by ordering mine right here in Canada and the product said made in USA. I tried many times to contact the website I bought the product from but didn’t get anywhere. I contacted the company on the label and finally spoke to secretary who told me most of what I just explained to you.

 How To Avoid Raspberry Ketone Scams

 Look for Price – Lower is not always better. Real Ketone supplements will cost you $35 – $50 retail for 1 bottle or a 1 month supply. If you think a lower price is better go for it but chances are your buying a synthetic product (Not natural) or one full of fillers that will do nothing to help you lose weight.

Look For Dosage – Proper dosage per pill should be between 100mg – 150mg. If you see anything higher like 200mg – 500mg stay away and her’s why… A high dosage is a waste of money because the body can only absorb around 180mg per day for most people the rest our body discards as waste.

Look For a Contact Us Page – Before you buy anything from any site, simply try using the contact us information on the site. Ask a simple question and if the website gets right back to you with an answer to your question then they are more legit and can probably offer real support. If it’s just an automated message that everyone gets and you don’t hear back within 24hours then move on, it’s not worth it because they will not help you if you need it.

 The Raspberry Ketones Reviews I’ve Done

Total I have tried 4 different Raspberry ketone supplements here in Canada and here is what I found out.

GNC Raspberry Ketones Review

The Raspberry Ketone supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals was my first try. I bought this at the GNC store in Belleville, Ont. Canada at the Quinte Mall. It’s 150mg and just didn’t do anything…at all after 7 months. This drove me to find a better product online.

Canadian Raspberry Ketone ReviewPurple and Green Label

Next I tried a 3 Month Supply of Raspberry Ketones from a Canadian site at 500mg each for just $46.97 total from an online website. What a deal right? Wrong. This is where I learned about the higher Ketone dosage being useless and lost cost being a scam for junk products. They also offered FREE shipping with the payment through Pay Pal. Watch out for these guys. I threw my last bottle out, who know what I was ingesting.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

The third one was a supplement from the UK called Raspberry Ketone Plus. This one is all over the internet so I bought it. It meets all the criteria of a good pure ketone supplement BUT when it arrives you have to pay an additional fee for duty because your importing into Canada from the UK. Also the shipping company sent me their own bill for shipping in addition the the $11 shipping I paid initially. Crazy!! Good product but too many hidden fees.

Raspberry Ketone Max Review

After learning what I did and conducting my own Raspberry Ketones Reviews I found a product made by Market Health in the USA called Raspberry Ketone Max. The company was a bit tricky when I called them but they helped me understand how their product is made and where the ingredients come from.

I started using this one about 4 months ago and it really works at boosting my metabolism so I’m full of energy most of the day. This in turn tires me out so I can really sleep at night. I now have members of my family taking it and they tell me it’s working great for them.

I have see a reduction in my spare tire but in all honesty I’m not really eating properly. It curbs my apatite for sure but my mind set is eat even though I’m not hunger at all. When I do eat I’m trying to eat smaller portions because I’m telling you I’m just not hungry anyway.

Buy Raspberry Ketones in Canada Free Bottles

Buy Raspberry Ketones in Canada Free Bottles

Speaking from experience based on my Raspberry Ketones Reviews this is your weight loss supplement too, it’s pure and it works. There are so many people asking about my ketone supplements I started pointed them to my supplier. Best part is there are no hidden fees and we Canadians don’t have to pay sales tax.


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  1. Sharon says:

    I’m interested in possibly starting raspberry ketone. However no where in your write up did you feel that you lost any real amount of weight. I only wish to lose 8-12 lb’s and if this is just something that reduces your appetite so that you really don’t eat properly
    than once again I will be doing that yo-yo thing. I already have a problem eating regularly because of my life style, so this may just be a product that works at the beginning and then when you go off the product you put all the weight back on.
    There are so many garbage products on the market and we are all looking for a miracle product.

  2. eldee says:

    Thanks for the posting. My partner and i have usually seen that a lot of people
    are desirous to lose weight simply because wish to appear slim plus
    attractive. Having said that, they do not
    continually realize that there are additional benefits for you to losing weight also.

    Doctors claim that overweight people experience a variety
    of disorders that can be perfectely attributed to their own excess weight.
    The good news is that people who are overweight in addition to suffering from a variety of diseases can help to eliminate the severity of their particular illnesses by means of losing
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